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Non Edible Berries and Fruit
(not necessarily poisonous or deadly - some are just undesirable)

See also Edible and Poisonous 

Bitter Cherry
Prunus emarginata
Very bitter. Fruits red sometimes translucent. Large pit. Late May-June. A tree with oval leaves, dark gray bark with horizontal bands. 
Devils Club
Oplopanax horridus
Berry red, bitter and mealy with large seed. Fruits in large  cluster at top of plant. July. Plant with large maple-like leaves and densely spiny stems. This plant indicates a high water table.
Snow Berry
Symphoricarpos albus
Berry white, bland, insipid. July-Oct, fruit often hangs on until late winter after leaves fall. Plant with varying non-uniform, opposite  leaves. Often forms thickets. 
Black Twinberry
Lonicera involucrata
Bitter. Berry black, in pairs on reddish bracts. Plant 5-7 feet tall, leaves opposite, lance shaped, pointed. 
Red Elderberry
Sambucus  racemosa
Berries tiny  in pyramidal clusters. July. Plant has opposite leaves with 7-14 leaflets. Grows in areas with mixed sun and shade. Can cause diarrhea. 
Red-Flowering Currant
Ribes sanguineum

Berries Blue-black in clusters on stem, often slightly hairy, large seed. Plant 5-7 feet, 3-part leaves, grows in semi-sunny areas, vivid red  flowers in April.. 
Rhamnus purshiana
 Berries black, numerous. July-Aug. Tree with alternate glossy green leaves, strongly veined.  May cause stomach ache or diarrhea. The gray bark of this tree contains a powerful laxative, and the berries contain smaller amounts of this  same property. 
False Lilly of the Valley
Mianthemum dilatum
Berries greenish with brown spots then later turning reddish. Herbaceous plant forming a low ground cover in the forest with heart shaped leaves. 
Red-Osier Dogwood
Cornus stolonifera
 Berries white, sometimes with blue tinge. Bitter. Thick shrub with opposite leaves with prominent veins and red stems. 
N/A Orange Honeysuckle
Lonicera Ciliosa
Bitter. Berries  orange red, small in bunches. Fused, opposite leaves. 

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